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Director  Deputy Director Head of Marketing and Communication  Box Office Manager

Fundraising Manager Ticket Office Assistant

Marketing & Communications Officer x2  Marketing Assistant • House Manager Management Accountant  Finance Administrator • Office Administrator   Duty Manager x3 Ushers Housekeeping x3 Catering Manager Assistant Catering Manager Head Cook Head of Participations Cultural Education Manager  Community Producer   Associate Producer Technical Director Technical Manager (Stage) Technical Manager   Technician Multi-Skilled x3

Sound and Lighting Technician 

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Talks from Industry Professionals at all stages of their career



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Sam Dunstan



1 - Image credit Joseph Samuel Priestley




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Community Produce

Community Producer (aka person on the ground, working in communities, talking to people – especially those with the least access to arts and encouraging engagement/ building links with community groups and organisations, supporting and facilitating delivery)

-Supported the community coordination of a project in Partnership with the National Theatre, Right Up Our Street involving local people aged between 15-84 people who have been participating in online workshops since October, and have recorded 5 podcasts.
-Supported the photographer to take doorstep photo’s of all participants helped the participants to record their stories and transported equipment

-Worked as Participation co-ordinator for We Create facilitating the delivery of online workshops for local people alongside professional musicians.

-Supporting with the Participation Team, Setting up zooms, contacting all youth theatre parents, wrote risk assessments, letters of agreement for freelancers, raised purchased orders (so people get paid) discussing project budgets, recorded data, conduit (go to person) for community members (all admin/texts/phone calls for the community projects goes through me), printed off scripts, posted all sorts of items etc.

-Planning/meetings – with artists, colleagues, schools, planning  projects for the future… and struggling to move beyond a basic level of excel!

Training (undertaking online training and seminars). Supporting with safeguarding and with Cast’s SEN offer (currently reviewing social story).


Finance administrator

Day to day duties vary however monthly I produce financial reports on the company's performance for the Senior team so they can see how the companies has performed against budget. 

The finance administrators' duties would be to process daily transactions of payments and receipts, process for authorisation and payment purchase and raise via a finance system sales invoice to customers.   

Paul Davies


As Cast's in-house sound engineer, it is my responsibility to provide technical sound support to the Cast Technical team for both main space, 2nd, and all the other indoor event spaces in the building and occasional outdoor events.

As Cast is predominantly a receiving house, most of my work involves co-ordinating with sound engineers, designers and production staff from visiting companies, both ahead of their visits and during their stay with us. Visiting companies need to set their shows up quickly and efficiently and integrate their systems with our in-house systems to present their shows in the best way possible. My job is to make visiting sound staff fully aware of our in-house systems and infrastructure to formulate the best plan for integrating their show with our venue. Sometimes that can be anything from providing simple left/right patching to full desk programming and PA system integration

Rafal Pretera

Kitchen Manager

My main role is to maintain the kitchen to the highest standards and quality.
-Preparing and cooking food
-checking equipment and cleaning as I go
-planning the menu and selecting ingredients
Present food to high level to our lovely Cast customers

Technical Manager (Stage)

Oversees the venue stage crew. Responsible for safe construction and disassembly of all physical set pieces in our performance spaces, as well as all scenery, lighting and sound equipment suspended overhead from either the flying system or rigging points. Duties during performances include working with Front Of House and the visiting company to ensure accurate timekeeping, alongside any stage or flying cues that may be required.

My favourite piece of theatre

If you are needing inspiration for appropriate iconography, I would suggest a crossed spanner and pencil, over a circle of rope. That should pretty much cover all the bases!


House Manager

Leading the team that runs the front of house area for Cast
Rota’s and budget responsibilities for Duty Managers, House keeping, Stage Door and Ushers
Stocking and selling ice creams/confectionary, programmes and merchandise
Setting up spaces for hires
Making sure that the building is secure and safe, both FOH, and during performances and rehearsals, BOH with the stage door area
For performances, running the team that gets audiences into their seats on time, and liaising with the technical department to start and finish the show
Securing the building when everyone has left
Giving building tours
Ensuring all audience members, performers and customers have the safest and best experience possible when coming to Cast

My favourite piece of theatre

I’d say my favourite piece of theatre is Spamalot!


Box Office Manager

My job consists of everything to do with tickets. Selling tickets, printing tickets, distributing tickets, making sure that the tickets are for the right shows, the right seats, and the right day. 
I also liaise with the companies putting on the shows to see if we are selling the show at the right price and in the right configuration, it is also my job to deal with any specific requests that a company has for their show. It's also my job to manage the box office staff, they are an invaluable source of front of house knowledge and always offer me great feedback on what the customers are saying and how we can improve our output. I spend most of my time dealing with customers and companies whether over the phone, online or in person. It offers lots of opportunities for creative problem solving and, more importantly, people being genuinely thankful when you're able to solve their problem. 

My favourite piece of theatre

Golly, that’s a tricky one. A show called "The World Holds Everyone Apart, Apart From Us" by Stuart Bowden.


Marketing and
Communications Officer

My job is a Marketing and Communications officer and it entails making sure that when a show comes to the theatre, there’s an audience to see it! This usually requires starting a campaign up to 8 weeks before to market/advertise the show. The campaign is usually divided into different types of marketing which are:

Advertising - split into two categories which is Print and Digital. Print is usually big posters at bus stops or train stations, flyers, brochures and programmes, and digital can be anything from screens at shopping centres to sponsored posts on Facebook.

Social Media – telling everyone about the show using pictures, trailers and talking about it! The aim is to reach as many people as possible and try to get them to engage in our posts.

Digital – sending emails, designing and creating fun things for social media or postcards we send in the post and then the really boring stuff like looking at our customer database and trying to understand customers booking behaviours.

Usually these are all planned and timed whilst doing the most important part of the campaign, thinking about who we think might enjoy the show! We usually ‘target’ them with all this information above hoping they’ll book a ticket! 

My favourite piece of theatre

My favourite piece of theatre is Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, it’s super funny and a really fantastic musical with an important message of never letting anyone dull your sparkle.



My job title is Director at Cast, but I also have the responsibility of Chief Executive Officer (sometimes referred to as CEO) which means that the buck stops with me. I have overall responsibility for the programming of all Cast’s artistic activities, the overall strategic
direction of the theatre, and the all important finances. Of course I can’t do all of that on my
own and I rely on a brilliant team who have expertise in all these different areas. I report to a
board of directors – a group of 12 individuals with lots of skills and knowledge – who volunteer their time to oversee the theatre through meeting regularly and asking me for reports, budgets,
information and of course coming to see our work at the theatre to know what’s happening.
Through my job I meet lots of people and make connections with many different kinds of
organisations – arts companies, theatres, schools, colleges, local authority, Arts Council,
funders and businesses.

My favourite piece of theatre

this is really hard, and it varies from day to day. Ask me tomorrow and it will be a different answer! But today it’s the brilliant Gecko Theatre and their show The Wedding which we were able to put on in 2018.



n Administrator’s role varies each day and works with lots of Departments to maintain the smooth running of a Theatre. They assist with the development of shows (such as organising auditions, writing up Deal Sheets and Contracts), Disseminating information to the rest of the staff, supporting Senior Management and Board Members, Writing up performance settlements and raising invoices as well as managing the Theatre’s lettable spaces for large events.  

My favourite piece of theatre

Finally, my favourite piece of theatre is The Woman in Black!


Duty Manager

pening up and the closing down procedures of the theatre
Ensuring all fire procedures are adhered to and carry out full safety checks.
Lead in the management of any incidents or emergencies whilst on shift
Ensure that all the first aid provisions are readily available.
Stock ordering and cash handling
Recruitment and training
Payroll etc.

Duties during a performance

Brief the ushers on their duties and support them where necessary.
Take responsibility for a calm and efficient evacuation of the entire venue in the event of any emergency if required.
Liaise with the Company stage Manager about opening the house and any specific show or audience requirements.
Liaise with the box office
Greet the customers with the highest level of customer service
Deliver the FOH announcements prior to the house opening at each performance
Cash reconciliation of all sales

My favourite piece of theatre

Favourite piece of theatre - Birdsong


Social Media and Digital Marketing Assistant

My normal job (Before Covid) is Social Media and Digital Marketing Assistant. I’m working towards an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing and my job involves working on marketing campaigns to promote the shows that come to Cast and helping to run Cast’s social media accounts

My favourite piece of theatre

My favourite piece of theatre is Sweeney Todd.

Susan Kerrigan

Cultural Education Manager for Doncaster Cultural Education Partnership

This role involves working with DCEP and local creative organisations (Cast, darts, Higher Rhythm, Music Service and Hub, Heritage, libraries etc) to promote a cultural offer for all children and young people in Doncaster. In order to do this it is vital to develop and build productive relationships between educators (schools and colleges) and creative partners. Another very important part of the role is to promote and raise awareness of creative careers and develop pathways for young people.

My favourite piece of theatre

I was lucky enough to see Hamilton when it first previewed in London in December 2017. Absolutely brilliant…
Another performance that has stayed with me is Northern Ballet’s Jane Eyre that I saw at Cast in 2016.


Ticket Office Assistant-

1. Often the first point of contact for customers, we welcome them to the theatre and field any questions they have about shows or the theatre in general. Contact can be done in person, over the phone or by email/ live webchat.

2. We book customers in to shows at Cast and manage any changes to their bookings. We contact them if we need to let them know anything. 

3. As Cast is a charity we also inform customers about our work and ask if they'd like to make a donation when they book.

4. We can also recommend shows to customers and as we get to know our regular customers well we get to know their tastes and what shows are a good fit for them.

5. On show days we print customers tickets and give them to the customer as well as answering enquiries, giving directions and making further bookings.

My favourite piece of theatre

He Had Hairy Hands' by Kill The Beast. A comedy/musical love letter to Hammer horror films.



I am responsible for managing and organising the work we do with schools, families, children and young people, adults and older adults from Doncaster’s Communities.  This is a really varied role and my duties change from day to day depending on what projects or sessions are happening.  I spend a lot of time project managing planning and working with partner organisations across Doncaster to create great opportunities for people to take part in.
I have to organise when and where sessions happen, plus make sure that we are offering a programme of work that is exciting, inspirational and is rich in terms of different skills, cultures and artists, and if I am really lucky (and have time!), get the chance to work as a creative artist on programmes (directing youth theatre, writing plays for summer school, leading workshops as a character!).  A really important part of my job is ensuring that people from Doncaster, no matter who you are, feel welcome and home at the theatre and have an opportunity to experience participating in creative activities.   I also have to make sure that the sessions are delivered in a safe environment, and that children and staff are protected and supported when working with the theatre.  I work with a brilliant and supportive team to make this work happen within Cast, and with a team of excellent freelance artists and

My favourite piece of theatre

I saw a production of Shakespeare’s Tempest by Footsbarn Theatre.  It was in a giant tent, in dry dock, in Dublin. An amazing and joyful performance, packed with action and drama, masks,


Assistant Catering Manager

- Working with a team of people from all different walks of life
- Serving food and drinks - cafe and bar 
- Talking to customers 
- Deciding what products to serve and offers that are seasonal like Halloween and Christmas 
- Working with money and cashing up 
- Providing conference catering for large groups
- Ordering stock
- Training staff 

My favourite piece of theatre

Any musical!


Deputy Director

I’m the Deputy Director, I work closely with the Director to oversee the forward strategy – or future plan - for the organisation as well as overseeing the finances, providing information to the Board of Directors (our bosses!) so that they can make informed decisions about the organisation, contributing to fundraising and managing the Catering department.  I also manage the Administration and Finance function within the organisation. .  I tend to have an input in to all sorts of projects around the theatre too. 

My favourite piece of theatre

I loved John by DV8 which is a mix of physical theatre and spoken word – sounds really dry but it was engaging, clever, shocking, sad, joyous, humorous and thought provoking.  I’d see it again tomorrow like a shot.


Marketing and Communications Officer

works within the marketing team to promote everything about Cast, from our charity work to the events we have on our stages, and everything in between. We do this through social media, our website, working with local businesses, print promotion (like the flyers and posters you see out and about!) and digital marketing, such as our website, creating videos and engaging adverts online.

My favourite piece of theatre

My favourite piece of theatre (ah! tricky!) would have to be Punk Rock by Simon Stephens because, as a teenager, it was the first time I saw myself reflected on a stage, in a play that could have been about me and my friends.

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