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Heritage Doncaster’s Mission is to use heritage to improve the lives of the people of Doncaster by helping to increase their skills and aspirations, their sense of belonging, their enjoyment of life and the overall prosperity of the borough.

They are passionate about Doncaster and the surrounding region, and the role heritage plays in the lives of Doncastrians.  They celebrate all things Donny and want to ensure heritage increases the aspirations, pride and well-being for all parts of Doncaster’s communities.




Curators are responsible for looking after the objects in the museum. They will decide what objects are collected by the museum and keep careful records about what the museum has. Quite often they will have a specialist area such as military history, archaeology, art or social history. Curators will put together exhibitions for the museum.

Visitor Assistant

The Visitor Assistants are the face of the museum and art gallery. It is their job to greet the public when they come to visit, answer any questions they have as well as helping with the day to day running of the museum.


It is a conservator’s job to care for the objects in the museum and art collection. They will make sure that the conditions that the objects are kept in are suitable. This means checking the light levels, the temperature and humidity in the location. When exhibitions are being created the conservator will make sure the objects are in the best condition they can be.

Learning Officer

Learning Officers mostly work with school groups and families. They create workshops and activities for these groups to help them learn about the museum and art galleries collections in a fun and inspiring way. 

Outreach Officer

Outreach Officers go out into the community with objects from the museum. They work with groups of people that either can’t visit the museum such as people in care homes or community groups that would like someone to come and give a talk on a particular topic. Outreach Officers will also go into schools with objects and activities to do in the classroom.

Business Manager

The business manager is in charge of the budget for the museum & art gallery and thinking of ways for the museum to make money. They also decide how they want the museum to be advertised to attract visitors.

Digital Officer

The Digital Officer runs the social media and website for the museum and art gallery. This is important as it allows people to know what is happening at the museum and what they can expect to find if they come to visit. They are also responsible for photographing the objects so that there is a digital record.

Events Coordinator

The events coordinator plans fun activities such as talks, family fun days and tours. It is their job to manage the event on the day and to organise the other members of staff. 


The archivist looks after historical documents such as maps, deeds, legal documents, census’ and other important records.

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